AAron Cutrano to Host Charitable Events for Cutrano AZ Troop Run, Inc.

AAron CutranoAAron Cutrano, President and Founder of Cutrano AZ Troop Run, Inc., will be hosting a number of events this month and in October in the name of charity.

September 27, 2014
Charity Poker Run

Join us in conjunction with The Warrior Fund, Inc. to raise money for our AZ Military Families

Kick Stands Up at 9:30am from Lucie’s Sage & Sand

Last bike in by 12:30 for awards and after-party festivities

This is going to be a ton of fun and we look forward to seeing you!!!

Contact AAron Cutrano at 602-577-9789 or Richard Cox at 480-338-8915 for more information.

October 18, 2014
Blues for Food Event

Please join us in conjunction with The Phoenix Blues Society and St. Mary’s Food Bank for a fun filled day of amazing music & Bikini Bike Wash at the Rhythm Room

Noon – 7:30
$7 cover or $7 of non-perishable food
$10 Bikini Bike Wash (includes admission to the event)
Proceeds go to St. Mary’s Food Bank & Cutrano AZ Troop Run, Inc.
More information at www.PhoenixBlues.org

Sunday, October 26, 2014
2nd annual Hot Rods & Hawgs Classic Car Show & Bikini Bike Wash
Steel Horse Saloon
1818 W. Bell Rd
8:00 am – 2:00 pm
(Registration begins at 6:00 am)
Click here to Pre-Register!


Click HERE for info on Sponsorship Levels
Are YOU Ready Phoenix!!

With over 136 cars and 50 bikes our first year this next show will be bigger and better, with Military Vehicles, Monster Trucks, Classic Hot Rods and Cars, Bikes, and Boats on top of it all.

Anything all American and red white and blue, we will have it, and we want you there. Families welcome.

We are teaming up with ALR Chapter 41 “Thunderbird’s” and all American Legions in the state of Arizona. With one of the best shows you can have all in one.

All proceeds to go to Cutrano AZ Troop Run & Mercy House.

$10 entry fee, Raffles, Prizes, Awards, Free dash plaques/T-shirts for the first 50, Giveaways, Arizona Military Vehicle Collector’s Club, Naval Cadets Color Guard USS Arizona, Vietnam Veterans Helicopter, Firetruck.

Live music inside, Breakfast specials, Sponsors, Vendors, Silent auctions and much more!

Call Mr. Cutrano at 602-577-9789 for more information.


Carolyn K. Carlson and StangerCarlson to Sponsor First International Columbia Coaching Program Conference October 22-23, 2014

Carolyn CarlsonCarolyn K. Carlson, President of StangerCarlson, was recently honored by Worldwide Branding for her commitment to excellence and quality in the areas of the delivery of presentations and coaching assignments. Starting October 22, 2014, Ms. Carlson’s renowned leadership and talent consultancy, StangerCarlson, will be sponsoring the First International Columbia Coaching Program Conference in New York City. The program will be held on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM and Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 5:30 PM.

From the website:

Theme: “Space as Context” for Executive and Organizational Coaching!

The aim of this 1 ½-Day event is to provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore the conference theme of “Space as Context” for executive and organizational coaching. Participants targeted for the event include practitioners, researchers, scholars and students associated with the Columbia Coaching Program (CCP), along with the broader community of coaches and other talent management professionals.

Location: Teachers College on the Campus of Columbia University in New York City

Full Conference Fee: $495.00*

Early Bird Registration Fee: $425.00* (Prior to September 7, 2014)

Student Registration Fee: $400.00*

*includes lunch and breaks

Cancellation Policy: 1/2 of the registration fee will be refunded for cancellations made on or before October 15, 2014. After October 15, 2014, no refunds will be available.

For cancellations please contact: cccpconferencereg@gmail.com

If you would like to purchase tickets, please click the links below:

Conference Website: http://columbiacoachinglearningnetwork.ning.com/2014-conference
Conference Schedule: http://columbiacoachinglearningnetwork.ning.com/program
Housing: http://columbiacoachinglearningnetwork.ning.com/housing-and-travel
Contacts for Additional information: http://columbiacoachinglearningnetwork.ning.com/contact-us


Christopher W. Bierrum and Keller Williams Illustrate September’s National Real Estate Numbers

Chris BierrumChristopher Bierrum, Real Estate Broker at Keller Williams, was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding. Mr. Bierrum was prompted to embark on a professional journey in the real estate industry by his father, a luminary in the real estate sector, and a man who helped him to find his pace and hone his skill set over the years. Mr. Bierrum’s dad made a name for himself as a consummate architect; his mother earned a reputation of distinction as a skilled real estate entrepreneur who taught him the niceties and fine points of real estate investments, and he was therefore able to develop a sophisticated skill set under the tutelage of both his parents.

Specializing in residential sales, Mr. Bierrum has spent the past seven years in his current role. He remains committed to interacting with buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties, and he is also dedicated to making his clients his first priority. He makes every effort to ensure that his clients’ deals successfully close, and facilitates these processes smoothly and seamlessly. Because he has been working in the industry for a number of years, Mr. Bierrum makes sure that all complications are resolved efficiently, that processes are completed in a timely fashion, and that his clients are always satisfied.

Mr. Bierrum and Keller Williams Realty are committed to providing detailed information about the real estate climate for those interested in seeking out services, as they understand the many decisions, negotiations and procedures that go into making an investment in a home or property. Mr. Bierrum is extremely knowledgeable about the area, and he holds dear each and every client that he takes on.

For more information about Keller Williams, which provides real estate services, visit http://findseattlere.com

Watch “This Month In Real Estate, September 2014″ by Keller Williams


Donna York, President of HARK Inc., Announces Screenings of Hope on the Horizon: An Expedition for ALS

HARK logoAt the helm of HARK Inc. Donna York has long been pushing to raise awareness of the disease that has stricken families and friends across the nation, and taken the lives of many beloved individuals. ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a condition that is often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. Since its establishment, the organization has made tremendous strides through the production of “Hope on the Horizon: An Expedition for ALS,” a documentary that premiered on November 9, 2013 in the private screening room of NBC Universal.

From the website:

The 48 highest peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, also known as the “4000 footers”, cover over 250 miles of various terrain and over 70,000 feet of elevation. Four hikers, including the filmmaker, set out to summit all 48 in a single trip on foot, two completed the journey and reached the 48th summit in 24 days to raise awareness and funding for ALS patients and their families.

HARK’s Hope on the Horizon Documentary is the first step in “Changing the way the world views ALS” and ensuring that the world knows what the disease is and how devastating it is to families that are affected by it. As we navigated our way through ALS we realized the severe lack of awareness that existed about this disease outside of the ALS community.

Hope on the Horizon is not just about ALS, it’s about facing life’s challenges with courage and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds every day. The documentary will bring viewers a firsthand view of two sets of challenges simultaneously. The challenges of negotiating the fragile beauty and rugged terrain of the White Mountains serves as a compelling backdrop to show true challenges and hardships faced by ALS victims and their loved ones in dealing with this devastating disease.

Through this film HARK will change the way the world views ALS, increase awareness of this fatal disease and raise funding to provide financial assistance to ALS patients and their families as they face a challenge far greater than the White Mountains.

Screenings will be held soon! Don’t forget to get your tickets, bring your family and friends, and join Ms. York and her team of dedicated professionals. Below, please find the list of upcoming screenings:

September 20, 2014

McCann School of Business
2200 N. Irving St.

Allentown, PA

September 24, 2014

Rutgers University Medical School
Newark, NJ 07940

October 3, 2014

New Jersey Film Festival
Voorhees Hall Room #105
New Brunswick, NJ
Tickets »

October 5, 2014

The Film Society of Summit
426 Springfield Ave.
Summit, NJ

October 6, 2014

Monmouth University
400 Cedar Ave.
West Long Branch, NJ

Please click here to learn more about Donna York and her
initiatives with HARK Inc.

Hope on the Horizon: A Expedition for ALS Documentary Trailer


Dr. Michael Sichel Shares Information about HPV Vaccine’s Adverse Effects

Michael Sichel, DO, NDWorldwide Branding member Michael Sichel, DO, ND, recently shared one of the tens of thousands of stories of adverse events that occur after HPV vaccination , which are occurring globally.

As you read this story please keep in mind the following facts:

1) A criminal court case against the Merck-Sanofi Pasteur Laboratories and the Spanish health authorities is currently being held in Spain and many court cases are in progress in France and India regarding the harm caused by this vaccine. This vaccine has also been removed from some national vaccination programs including Japan and India due to a lack of knowledge of their safety and efficacy.

2) The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that Pap screening is the safest and most effective prevention for cervical cancer. Early detection of abnormal cells allows for them to be removed to prevent any progression to cancer. However, the WHO does not recommend Pap screening before 26 years of age because abnormalities in young women are known to naturally regress and in most cases never lead to cancer later in life. Cervical cancer occurs in women over 30 years of age. The majority of high-grade (CIN 3) lesions in women under 26 years of age regress naturally and are not a predictor of cancer later in life. This is why Pap screening is not needed in women under 26 years of age. Cervical cancer is a very low risk in women in Australia because the risk factors for this disease are not prevalent.

Here is one of many stories of adverse events after HPV vaccination that is occurring globally:

“Courtney’s Mum: The decision I will always regret”

Wendy Barnes Early wants to share her daughter Courtney’s story and what happened to her after receiving the Gardasil vaccine – thankfully only one shot.

“In the summer of 2012, I took my daughter to her Pediatrician for her routine annual exam. Her doctor strongly recommended that Courtney receive Gardasil because they highly recommend this vaccine for teens. Within 3-4 weeks after Courtney had her first and only Gardasil vaccine, she complained of headaches daily, extreme fatigue, and nausea. She had little to no energy which was NOT like my daughter. She became very moody, irritable and almost depressed. Soon she was complaining about not wanting to eat, muscle weakness and tremors. Her hands would shake uncontrollably, along with her legs. I noticed at times her hands would look mottled, then turn purple/blue in color. If you have ever seen a person after they pass, this is what her hands looked like. This truly scared me as I am a nurse by profession and I felt like I was watching my sweet outgoing daughter deteriorate.

After going through many, many tests Courtney was eventually diagnosed – then we met with her case doctor, she diagnosed Courtney with ‘Autonomic Dysfunction.’ This is a neurologic disease that they are also seeing more of. She has been placed on a high salt diet, drinking a lot of fluids especially water, placed on an exercise regime, and she takes a prescription for this 3 times daily.

She was full of life UNTIL she received her first and only Gardasil vaccine and this is a decision I regret every second of every day – if only I could turn back the clock!

Michael Sichel, DO, ND advises Worldwide Branding of the many stories of adverse events after HPV vaccination that are occurring globallyTherefore, to all the families out there who are thinking about having their daughters vaccinated with Gardasil please, please be careful, do your own research and see the high number of young ladies and guys who are experiencing serious health issues following vaccination. You have a healthy child one day and after being vaccinated with Gardasil, or Cervarix, this healthy child is no more. They develop unexplained health issues which more than often are misdiagnosed and in many cases a finger is pointed at them that their condition is ‘psychosomatic.’  Please believe me your child is sick and requires medical attention – never allow anyone to try and make this out to be a mental health issue. What happened to my daughter I know, and believe, that her symptoms were caused by Gardasil.”

Click here to read Courtney’s story

Please take the time to visit the Sanevax (Safe, Affordable, Necessary and Effective Vaccines) website to investigate Gardasil (HPV vaccine) before consenting to its use in children in school vaccination programs. Please also inform the health department of any problems your child notices after having this vaccine.


Jennifer A. Moumane, MA Looks to Publish Book and Bring Fresh Water to Tiflet, Morocco in 2015

Within the upcoming year, Jennifer A. Moumane, Director of Annual Giving and Database Management for the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, intends to print and circulate her dissertation, which focuses on famous works of art that were found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, a city that stood between the 11th and 15th century, and flourished exceedingly before its enigmatic decline. Ms. Moumane, a Worldwide Branding member and Nonprofit Fundraising Professional of the Year, is also an award-winning community leader and an expert in technology, nonprofit management and resourcing, who plans to conduct research on the eight mystifying soapstone birds that were located in the ruins, which scholars have said functioned as emblems of royal authority, or perhaps represented the ancestors of Great Zimbabwe’s leaders. These important artifacts exist as prized symbols of a nation; monuments that link the present with the past.

In addition to her upcoming book, Ms. Moumane and her husband Driss will be digging a well that will bring fresh water to the local community of Tiflet, Morocco in the upcoming year. Just outside of the capital city of Rabat, Tiflet is rich with ancient history, and has a population of just over 70,000 people. Because fresh drinking water is a scarce necessity, Ms. Moumane looks forward to lending a helping hand to those who do not readily have access to clean water by digging the fresh water well and establishing lasting relationships with those who will use and maintain it, as she hopes that the well will make a positive difference in their lives.


Ronny Boesing Launches New Crypto Coins Exchange Platform

Ronny BoesingWorldwide Who’s Who VIP Member Ronny Boesing recently established a company that offers top quality services and solutions through which sellers and buyers can meet and perform peer-to-peer transactions of crypto coins with the company serving as their intermediary.

Mr. Boesing is paving the way for new and innovative financial exchange services order-to-order for coin currencies, gamer money and crypto coins to real money(fiat) and vice versa, to name a few examples. “We do not sell or buy ourselves, but merely provide a service for which we take a small commission,” boasts the CCEDK.com about us page.

Mr. Boesing. “I stay away from any projects I don’t have a gut instinct about.” In addition to Bitcoin, Mr. Boesing has chosen to incorporate NXT into his online platform. NXT, a second-generation cryptocurrency, is similar to Bitcoin in that it enables users to trade between each other using cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, however, which can currently only be used for money transfers, NXT offers an online store full of goods, including books, movies, and other media, that can be traded in exchange for cryptocurrency. In the future, Mr. Boesing hopes to still be in this business, as he is starting to harvest the fruits of hard work and dedication. He is always looking into ways of adding new values and innovative ideas.

Ronny Boesing Logo“These are exciting times, and it’s great to be working with such a strong and vibrant community,” says Mr. Boesing. “The NXT community is extremely active and has many talented people working in it. When you’re launching an initiative like CCEDK, it’s important to know that you have partners who will back you and grow with you as you move forwards. We’re all looking forward to a very bright future.”

Mr. Boesing’s business network is starting to show its depth and importance, because of the great business he performed in the 1990s. He believes that a good friend is always a good friend, no matter how little you see him or her throughout life. A breakthrough on the Russian market has given him four good years of strong sales, which are based on patience, flexibility, belief in his own ideas, gut feelings, people skills, and a good portion of common sense.

If you would like to learn more about CCEDK, please visit https://www.ccedk.com.


Michael Waring Shares Updates on Australia’s Postal System and the Country’s Number One Brand

Michael WaringWorldwide Branding member Michael Waring, a Postal Officer and Communications Specialist serving the Delivery Division of the Australia Post, is in charge of overseeing the creation of the Code of Ethics in a corporate organization to strengthen cultural pillars of success in the workplace. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field, he recently received a 25th anniversary plaque from the Australia Post, as well.

Mr. Waring recently announced the latest updates made at the Australia Post on his website:

Over the last 10 years the acceleration of decline of small letter has continued but AP has prepared well in putting brakes on these changes.

The first launched earlier this year was Posts rebranding of its freight fleet.

The blue trucks with Startrack emblem are keeping up to increasing demand of Internet Shopping and voyage of parcel across many networks.

The fact is parcels are outweighing letters for first time in history but the humble postman has been part of these changes delivering more packets and scanning articles for reciept at point of delivery.

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour, a former New York Banker, says he is preparing new products and solutions to allieviate further changes in delivery of mail and e-commerce solutions for customers.

StarTrack will not just be a local solution but will handle our International customers’ needs in Australia giving Post that added edge.

Apple and Australian Pharmaceuticals are just two important customers.

Sydney and Melbourne will complete newly fitted extensions with new cutting edge parcel sorting delivery technology and new bar coding with speed accuracy set to move parcels quicker and smarter than ever.

This also means the human resources of Australia Post need to be at their best so Code of Ethics needs to be implemented well and Safety remain on top of agenda so effect on organisation is limited and brand remains best in country.

Please visit Michael Waring’s LinkedIn page to learn more.


Mary Norcia Wins Prestigious NABE Pinnacle Award

Mary NorciaA short time ago, Worldwide Branding member Mary Norcia received the esteemed NABE Summer 2014 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for her book “Under The Dome: The Protective Shield of the Archangel Michael.”

"Under the Dome: The Protective Shield of the Archangel Michael" by Mary NorciaThe book was written in order to provide information to the world about calling upon the Archangel Michael for protection for themselves and their families, to help in removing the fear, removing the ego from their decisions and to feel free of spirit and have total love for themselves, the world and everyone around them. Also to let the world know of the messages, protection and guidance that the Archangel Michael provides through the help of God, Mother Mary, Jesus and the many other Archangels.

Mary Norcia's book will be displayed at BookExpo AmericaEach year, for the past 30 years, NABE, now known as the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs, presents some of the finest books published by our members.

Ms. Norcia’s book was also displayed at the American Book Expo.

Please read her article on http://www.lightworkersworld.com or visit her website to learn more. Follow her on Twitter @Angelicwings333


Matthew O. Fisch Featured on NBC’s “Today” Show

Matthew O. FischWorldwide Branding member Matthew O. Fisch, an international consultant and business transformation expert, was recently featured on the “Today” show after American Airlines flight AA362 was diverted subsequent to a security-related issue.

Mr. Fisch, an expert in marketing and finance consulting, regularly travels around the globe to license IP agreements, and to conduct IP and company evaluations. Because his professional endeavors have led him to establish and maintain long standing relationships with internationally based companies, Mr. Fisch is routinely called upon for his expertise in such places as Latin America, Europe and Asia. He has previously prioritized resources for top engagements to clients and executives worldwide in Asia, Europe, and JP and throughout the US. The discovery process unleashed a highly successful multi-year initiative targeted at the low power cellular and hand held worldwide market.

The plane, AA 362 that took off from Dallas Fort-Worth to San Diego, was diverted en route and landed at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix just before noon, American Airlines spokeswoman Michelle Mohr confirmed. Mr. Fisch spoke with news representatives at the “Today” show with regards to the diversion of a bomb threat, which was posted on Twitter. His interview can be seen below.

Matthew O. Fisch Discusses Diversion of American Airlines Bomb Threat on the “Today” Show

Please contact Matthew O. Fisch on LinkedIn, Twitter, or visit his website.