Worldwide Branding Member Anthony Beasley Takes a Stand Against Corporate Bullying Today

Anthony BeasleyAnthony Beasley, a recent Worldwide Branding inductee, recently announced his participation in a campaign against bullying in the workplace.

Mr. Beasley will be a key presenter at this year’s Safety Institute of Australia ‘Visions’ Safety Conference on the Gold Coast which is taking place today, November 17, 2014. As part of the presentation’s pre-qualification processes, Mr. Beasley had to prepare a White Paper regarding the need for Accredited Training in the topic of “Managing and Preventing the Risk of Workplace Bullying.” This is because in Australia, there is currently no accredited competency-based program.

Mr. Beasley’s White Paper was accepted, and his team has supported him in the development of an excellent Prezi based presentation.

And in exploring beyond the White Paper, the topic generated such interest with Mr. Beasley’s team and clients, that he and his colleagues recently submitted a detailed application to the Australian Skills Regulator (ASQA) with two draft units to be accepted and released as nationally accredited. These are the first of their kind in Australia.

ASTRA Group Services LogoMr. Beasley and his team has also prepared a media release to align with this exciting development in a topic that costs our economy between $6B to $36Billion per year, and has tragically taken lives for those on the receiving end of bullying.

Regardless of the country or industry – Mr. Beasley feels that the topic of bullying in the workplace is a subject that is of interest and value to all.

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Join Annette Richards for Body & Beauty on Manly’s Hat Day on October 17th

Salon owner Annette Richards will be hosting ‘Hat Day’ on Friday, October 17th, 2014Annette Richards, Owner and Manager of Body & Beauty on Manly, will be hosting ‘Hat Day’ on Friday, October 17th, 2014. Come and wear your hat for Ms. Richards’ fun-filled charitable event, which will support mental health research.

The salon will donate $2 for each person who visits in a hat, $2 for each booking made on that day, and $2 for each client who purchases a product on that day, as well.

Donate to ‘Hat Day,’ and go into Body & Beauty on Manly’s lucky draw for a $100 prize!

Wear your hat and take the lid off of mental health.

If you can’t physically join Ms. Richards for the fun on the 17th, donations will be accepted starting on the 10th of October.

Body & Beauty on Manly
6/11 Burnett Street Manly West QLD 4179, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3348 8230

Please check out Annette Richards’ website, and visit Body & Beauty on Manly’s Facebook page to learn more.  

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Explore Worldwide Branding Member Sophie Downey’s Fantastic Pieces of Art on Tumblr

Sophie DowneySophie H. Downey has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence as a self-employed painter. The artist also serves as a Barrister with Bar-Chambers, and she is also famed for her dexterous and whimsical composition of figurative paintings using abstraction and emblematic images, and the evocation of emotions on the canvas.

'Sharpei Puppy Mount Rushmore' by Sophie Downey via Tumblr

‘Sharpei Puppy Mount Rushmore’ by Sophie Downey via Tumblr

Ms. Downey has been painting since she was four, and she attended from the New York Studio School of Art. She takes pleasure in traveling the world, listening to jazz music, and riding her motorcycle in her spare time. Ms. Downey’s works of art are displayed on her Tumblr page.

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Worldwide Branding Member and World-Renowned Restaurant Director Jesse Gerner Announces ‘Suckling Pig Sundays’ at Bomba

Jesse GernerJesse Gerner has earned a reputation of distinction and prominence for his strong background in the culinary arts industry, and for his commitment to going above and beyond to appease to the tastebuds of food aficionados everywhere. Mr. Gerner heads two restaurants, Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop and Añada, and an announcement was recently made that ‘Suckling Pig Sundays’ will be held weekly at the former mentioned eatery.

Jesse Gerner regularly serves Complimentary Corn Kernel Snacks, Blackmore’s Wagyu Cecina, Tomato, Burrata & Aged Sherry Vinegar Toast - with Hand Filleted Nassari Anchovy, and Serrano Gran Reserva Jamon at Bomba. Photo Credit:

Jesse Gerner regularly serves Complimentary Corn Kernel Snacks, Blackmore’s Wagyu Cecina, Tomato, Burrata & Aged Sherry Vinegar Toast – with Hand Filleted Nassari Anchovy, and Serrano Gran Reserva Jamon at Bomba. Photo Credit:

From the website:

Join chefs Jesse Gerner and Andrew Fisk as they pay homage to Castilla and the mighty suckling pig. Inspired by his recent trip to Spain, Jesse Gerner is proud to be hosting a roast with a difference.  While Castilla in central Spain is home to the roast suckling pig, Melbourne will be treated to a series of trips to the Iberian capital.  The lunch will start off with charcuterie and porky tapas, rolling into whole joints of suckling pig roasted and presented to your table in traditional sharing style, accompanied with sides from Spade and Barrow. Places limited to 60 guests per Sunday so be quick to secure your spot at this year’s most unique roast offering. Price is inclusive of food, desserts and beverage will be additional. $65/head.  

For bookings please call +61 3 9077 0451.

Jesse Gerner Card - BombaMr. Gerner will soon be running a third eatery. He recently purchased St. Ali North, a cafe in Brunswick East; he told Time Out Melbourne that he has intentions of making it “Brooklyn-style in attitude, with a bit of a nod to Spain because it’s me – we’ve got a cool cabinet so we might do some pinxtos and charcuterie – but it will essentially be a Melbourne dining hall.”

To learn more about Bomba, please visit the bar and restaurant’s Facebook page. For more information about Jesse Gerner, add him on Twitter.

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Michael Waring Shares Updates on Australia’s Postal System and the Country’s Number One Brand

Michael WaringWorldwide Branding member Michael Waring, a Postal Officer and Communications Specialist serving the Delivery Division of the Australia Post, is in charge of overseeing the creation of the Code of Ethics in a corporate organization to strengthen cultural pillars of success in the workplace. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field, he recently received a 25th anniversary plaque from the Australia Post, as well.

Mr. Waring recently announced the latest updates made at the Australia Post on his website:

Over the last 10 years the acceleration of decline of small letter has continued but AP has prepared well in putting brakes on these changes.

The first launched earlier this year was Posts rebranding of its freight fleet.

The blue trucks with Startrack emblem are keeping up to increasing demand of Internet Shopping and voyage of parcel across many networks.

The fact is parcels are outweighing letters for first time in history but the humble postman has been part of these changes delivering more packets and scanning articles for reciept at point of delivery.

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour, a former New York Banker, says he is preparing new products and solutions to allieviate further changes in delivery of mail and e-commerce solutions for customers.

StarTrack will not just be a local solution but will handle our International customers’ needs in Australia giving Post that added edge.

Apple and Australian Pharmaceuticals are just two important customers.

Sydney and Melbourne will complete newly fitted extensions with new cutting edge parcel sorting delivery technology and new bar coding with speed accuracy set to move parcels quicker and smarter than ever.

This also means the human resources of Australia Post need to be at their best so Code of Ethics needs to be implemented well and Safety remain on top of agenda so effect on organisation is limited and brand remains best in country.

Please visit Michael Waring’s LinkedIn page to learn more.

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