Karen L. Kennedy Prepares Medical Students for Success with Creation of SimAccessories

Karen KennedyAt the helm of Eriter Creations Inc., Karen L. Kennedy, Co-Owner and President of the company, works hard to invent and patent accessories for use in healthcare education. Her company offers “realistic and effective simulation [appendages] that mimic symptoms of health conditions to enhance and facilitate student and practitioner learning while eliminating the potential for harm to patients.” It was recently noted by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services that the use of human simulators has proven inventive, unproblematic, and painless for potential patients, professors, practitioners, and students, who are seeking to learn how to make medical procedures more safe and effective.

While Ms. Kennedy’s company specializes in the design and development of appendages and accessories, she has already garnered critical acclaim for breaking the mold as an inventor. The company was a first-place winner in the technical category for the best business plan for a sustainable business at the 2014 Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge.

Eriter Creations Inc. offers SimLeggings+ which simulate pitting edema, SimSleeves TM which simulate lymphedema, and a SimObesityShirt TM , which simulates adult obesity. These products have been used by nursing professors, and simulations have been put into effect with the use of these SimAccessories with medical professionals giving enthusiastic reviews about the products’ benefits.

If you would like to learn more about products being offered through Eriter Creations Inc., please visit http://www.simleggings.com.Karen Kennedy SimLeggings Logo

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Dr. Lynne Murfin Hosting 10-Day Metabolic Detox Event Starting October 15th, 2014

Dr. Lynne MurfinDr. Lynne Murfin recently announced her hosting of an event at Lynne Murfin MD, her own private practice, which would focus not only on the cleaning of participants’ dietary habits, but on lifestyle habits, as well—this includes the reduction of stress.

Dr. Murfin, an Elite Worldwide Professional in Functional Integrative Medicine, posted on her Facebook page a link to a MindBodyGreen.com post on a list of the “10 Reasons Why Stress is the Most Dangerous Toxin In Your Life.” Explanations for why stress is so damaging to one’s health include that it causes brain damage, it shuts down the immune system and increases inflammation, and that chronic stress damages the energy powerhouses of the body—the mitochondria.

The workshop is being held at Dr. Murfin’s office:

Lynne Murfin, MD, Centre 70, #115 7015 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary, Canada

In the life-changing workshop, participants will learn how to safely detoxify the body, and improve their well-being. They will experience this transformative 10-day supported detoxification journey along-side six other patients. Please RSVP for this exciting and exclusive workshop with Dr. Murfin and her staff by phoning reception on telephone number 1-587-390-0180.

Lynne Murfin Logo

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Dr. Michael Sichel Shares Information about HPV Vaccine’s Adverse Effects

Michael Sichel, DO, NDWorldwide Branding member Michael Sichel, DO, ND, recently shared one of the tens of thousands of stories of adverse events that occur after HPV vaccination , which are occurring globally.

As you read this story please keep in mind the following facts:

1) A criminal court case against the Merck-Sanofi Pasteur Laboratories and the Spanish health authorities is currently being held in Spain and many court cases are in progress in France and India regarding the harm caused by this vaccine. This vaccine has also been removed from some national vaccination programs including Japan and India due to a lack of knowledge of their safety and efficacy.

2) The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that Pap screening is the safest and most effective prevention for cervical cancer. Early detection of abnormal cells allows for them to be removed to prevent any progression to cancer. However, the WHO does not recommend Pap screening before 26 years of age because abnormalities in young women are known to naturally regress and in most cases never lead to cancer later in life. Cervical cancer occurs in women over 30 years of age. The majority of high-grade (CIN 3) lesions in women under 26 years of age regress naturally and are not a predictor of cancer later in life. This is why Pap screening is not needed in women under 26 years of age. Cervical cancer is a very low risk in women in Australia because the risk factors for this disease are not prevalent.

Here is one of many stories of adverse events after HPV vaccination that is occurring globally:

“Courtney’s Mum: The decision I will always regret”

Wendy Barnes Early wants to share her daughter Courtney’s story and what happened to her after receiving the Gardasil vaccine – thankfully only one shot.

“In the summer of 2012, I took my daughter to her Pediatrician for her routine annual exam. Her doctor strongly recommended that Courtney receive Gardasil because they highly recommend this vaccine for teens. Within 3-4 weeks after Courtney had her first and only Gardasil vaccine, she complained of headaches daily, extreme fatigue, and nausea. She had little to no energy which was NOT like my daughter. She became very moody, irritable and almost depressed. Soon she was complaining about not wanting to eat, muscle weakness and tremors. Her hands would shake uncontrollably, along with her legs. I noticed at times her hands would look mottled, then turn purple/blue in color. If you have ever seen a person after they pass, this is what her hands looked like. This truly scared me as I am a nurse by profession and I felt like I was watching my sweet outgoing daughter deteriorate.

After going through many, many tests Courtney was eventually diagnosed – then we met with her case doctor, she diagnosed Courtney with ‘Autonomic Dysfunction.’ This is a neurologic disease that they are also seeing more of. She has been placed on a high salt diet, drinking a lot of fluids especially water, placed on an exercise regime, and she takes a prescription for this 3 times daily.

She was full of life UNTIL she received her first and only Gardasil vaccine and this is a decision I regret every second of every day – if only I could turn back the clock!

Michael Sichel, DO, ND advises Worldwide Branding of the many stories of adverse events after HPV vaccination that are occurring globallyTherefore, to all the families out there who are thinking about having their daughters vaccinated with Gardasil please, please be careful, do your own research and see the high number of young ladies and guys who are experiencing serious health issues following vaccination. You have a healthy child one day and after being vaccinated with Gardasil, or Cervarix, this healthy child is no more. They develop unexplained health issues which more than often are misdiagnosed and in many cases a finger is pointed at them that their condition is ‘psychosomatic.’  Please believe me your child is sick and requires medical attention – never allow anyone to try and make this out to be a mental health issue. What happened to my daughter I know, and believe, that her symptoms were caused by Gardasil.”

Click here to read Courtney’s story

Please take the time to visit the Sanevax (Safe, Affordable, Necessary and Effective Vaccines) website to investigate Gardasil (HPV vaccine) before consenting to its use in children in school vaccination programs. Please also inform the health department of any problems your child notices after having this vaccine.

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Don’t Make Any Real Life Decisions Until July 1st, When Mercury is Out of Retrograde, Says Celebrity Astrologist Susan Miller

Susan MillerToday is the start of a new month, so it is time to start fresh. According to “astrologist to the stars” Susan Miller, one of the most well known and highly regarded contemporary astrologists known to man, this month will play a pertinent role in the lives of each respective profile. Ms. Miller, a Worldwide Branding member since 2011, has noted that it was of dire importance not to take monumental steps toward the attainment of certain goals until the planets are in alignment on the first of every month, so now is the time to move forward.

Ms. Miller has made an impact on several well known public figures, including Katy Perry, Gloria Vanderbilt, Cynthia Rowley, and Bevy Smith.

Katy Perry Tweet via JezebelMs. Miller posted an announcement on her website about her ailment and undergoing stages of recovery, and keeps her fans updated not only on her holistic treatment methodologies, but on their astrological forecasts.

Please wish Susan Miller a full and speedy recovery, and visit her website at http://www.astrologyzone.com.

Susan Miller AstrologyZone Logo

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