Happy Hanukkah Wishes from Worldwide Branding and Member Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman2Today marks the first day of Hanukkah, and we here at Worldwide Branding would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Last year, on The International Institute of Voice Development Tzfat, Israel’s Facebook page, Worldwide Branding member Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman posted a heartwarming and inspirational message for her followers in an effort to brighten up their holiday spirits during the Festival of Lights.

We live on Miracles, every day and moment of our lives. From here, in the holy City of Tiberias, I send … LIGHT AND LOVE TO ALL FRIENDS [and] STUDENTS AROUND THE WORLD. May the light of the Hanukkah Candles warm the heart of all and bring joy and happiness into your lives. This is a wonderful time of year and for me especially a time of healing for which I am grateful. Chag Sameach.

Today marks the first day of Hanukkah, and we here at Worldwide Branding would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! Ms. Arman has made headway as the author of “The Voice: A Spiritual Approach to Singing, Speaking and Communicating – The Kabbalah of the Voice.”  She published the book in English, and recently released an Italian version of the popular tome: “La Voce: Un Approcio Spirituale per Cantare, Parlare e Communicare: La Kabala Della Voce.” Ms. Arman, a Renaissance Woman, vocal pedagogue, re-constructionist, technician, teacher, lecturer, author, poetess and fine artist, strives to teach people all over the world about the necessary technical skills and the mastery of techniques that are needed to build and re-build their voices. Ms. Arman is looking forward to producing a Hebrew translation of her book in the near future.

To learn more about Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman, please check out her press release and her feature on Worldwide Branding’s Contributing Authors Blog, and please also be sure to visit www.miriamjaskierowiczarman.com!

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Evoke the Christmas Spirit with Decorations from Tis the Season, Meg Muir’s Holiday Design Store

Meg MuirDeck your halls with Christmas concepts drawn from the unique and inspired mind of Worldwide Branding member Meg Muir, an entrepreneur from West Columbia, South Carolina who brought the idea to life once she and others recognized her true calling. Tis The Season accents one of the most beautiful parts of the Christmas holiday—a tree, which symbolizes spirituality, life, and nature—through its decorations, ornamenting lavish trees with festive decorations that signify the particular time of year. In addition to visually stunning and plush trees, Ms. Muir also displays a myriad of colorful vintage, hand-crafted and consignment items at the store that represent the current season, year round.

Christmas Tree Decorated by Meg Muir at Tis the Season - Photo courtesy of Tis The Season's Facebook Page

Christmas Tree Decorated by Meg Muir at Tis the Season. Photo Credit: Tis The Season’s Facebook Page

At Tis The Season, you will find your choice of personalized items, including nightlights that fit the time of year, handmade wreaths and beautiful gift items. Ms. Muir also offers furniture and other hard-to-find items to her customers, often at discount prices. A strong believer in helping others and spreading the joys of Christmas, Ms. Muir strives to not only provide love and light with her holiday-themed items throughout the year, but to offer introspective value with the products and services she provides by allowing her customers to bask in their Christmas memories all year long.

Autumn Christmas Tree by Meg Muir at Tis The Season - Photo Courtesy of Tis The Season's Facebook Page

Shop at Tis The Season for Christmas trees ranging from four- to six-feet tall, as well as jewelry, gifts, cards, hand stitched towels and decorations to enhance any tree.

Tis The Season
Meg Muir
315 State Street
West Columbia, South Carolina 29169
Tel. 803.661.7417

For more information about Tis The Season, visit the
company’s Facebook page

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Order Your Kids’ Halloween Costumes from Imagine Play Toys–Get Your Coupon Code Now

Barbara HullBarbara J. Hull is the owner and manager of Barbara’s Internet Biz LLC, and she was recently dubbed a VIP member of Worldwide Branding for her demonstration of expertise in a myriad of areas that have been applied to her successful online toy business, Imagine Play Toys. Ms. Hull offers not only toys, but magnetic games, activity tables and cubes, dramatic role-play products, and outdoor play products to preschool children between the ages of two and five through her company, as well as cool and creative costumes for Halloween and costume parties.

After gaining experience as a preschool teacher, Ms. Hull felt motivated to embark on a career path in nursing, thereby helping people in many more ways. She has always been driven toward volunteering and lending a helping hand to anyone and in any way that she could. Now serving as head of her own toy company, she intends to be able to give back to her local community by donating some toys and equipment to preschools when she becomes financially stable enough to do so.

Get your kids' costumes from Imagine Play Toys!From the website:

Childhood is a time of wonder and your child is no exception, of course. A child’s imagination is a treasure. Nurture yours with these Costumes for Halloween or any time for dress up, parties, play dates and more! Coming soon! Adult costumes too! Keep a lookout. We add more products frequently. Be sure to use that 15% off coupon code: OCT2014 at checkout!

If you need anything please contact Barbara J. Hull at 562-264-5473 between the hours of 1pm-7pm Mon-Saturday and by email anytime: imagineplaytoys@outlook.com. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter for toy industry news, research articles related to preschool kids, craft ideas and resource links and new product releases.

Mike Candy Catcher from Monsters IncSign up for email and you won’t miss a thing. You can get all of the latest product releases and exclusive savings offers only available to IPT’s members! Things are changing at Imagine Play Toys just like Fall. Come along with Ms. Hull and enjoy the ride because kids grow up too fast!

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Andrea Vogel Named a VIP of Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Communications and Information Technology

Andrea VogelWith a quarter-century of ICT industry experience, Andrea Vogel, Senior Vice President of Application Development at DB Systel GmbH, has always demonstrated top leadership skills. She sees people as unique individuals, understanding their point of view and motivating them to excel. Her duties in her current role are vast. Very experienced in reorganizing, repositioning and building up very large international IT (delivery) organizations, Ms. Vogel is leading an organization of approximately 2,000 employees which provides application services to German railways (Deutsche Bahn AG).

Her key objective is to reposition her organization to be able to optimally support her clients, German railways, in meeting and successfully mastering its future challenges.

In this context, Ms. Vogel puts a high emphasis on transformation and change management as well as operational excellence whilst creating a common identity and team spirit (“Code of Conduct”).

In the coming years, she would like to continue working in her current position to further implement her change strategy and plans to consistently deliver respective business benefits while working on larger structures. Additionally, she would like to continue to work on her own personal development.

Successful because of her open and honest approach, Ms. Vogel cites her straightforward management style and doing her job with absolute passion. Additionally, she credits her personality, value system, empathy for others, and ability to understand complex situations very quickly and to identify and implement sustainable solutions. She became involved in her current position after spending many years working for large global IT service providers such as EDS. Her experience includes working as an international business unit leader, and DB Systel GmbH selected her as the senior vice president due to her industry expertise and qualifications.

Andrea Vogel aids in the continued growth of DB Systel GmbHWhat also helped her progress was her education. Ms. Vogel earned a degree in French and English A-level teaching, a master in English and computer linguistics, and a diploma in adult education.

DB Systel GmbH, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bahn, is the solution-oriented business partner for the complete ICT range and one of Germany’s leading ICT solution providers.

DB Systel covers the whole life cycle of IT and telecommunications solutions – from professional analysis and strategic planning and development to operation and optimization.

DB Systel supervises about 600 productive IT applications. These include numerous applications developed in-house in addition to current standard software.

For more information about DB Systel, please visit the company’s website.

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Carolyn K. Carlson and StangerCarlson to Sponsor First International Columbia Coaching Program Conference October 22-23, 2014

Carolyn CarlsonCarolyn K. Carlson, President of StangerCarlson, was recently honored by Worldwide Branding for her commitment to excellence and quality in the areas of the delivery of presentations and coaching assignments. Starting October 22, 2014, Ms. Carlson’s renowned leadership and talent consultancy, StangerCarlson, will be sponsoring the First International Columbia Coaching Program Conference in New York City. The program will be held on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM and Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 5:30 PM.

From the website:

Theme: “Space as Context” for Executive and Organizational Coaching!

The aim of this 1 ½-Day event is to provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore the conference theme of “Space as Context” for executive and organizational coaching. Participants targeted for the event include practitioners, researchers, scholars and students associated with the Columbia Coaching Program (CCP), along with the broader community of coaches and other talent management professionals.

Location: Teachers College on the Campus of Columbia University in New York City

Full Conference Fee: $495.00*

Early Bird Registration Fee: $425.00* (Prior to September 7, 2014)

Student Registration Fee: $400.00*

*includes lunch and breaks

Cancellation Policy: 1/2 of the registration fee will be refunded for cancellations made on or before October 15, 2014. After October 15, 2014, no refunds will be available.

For cancellations please contact: cccpconferencereg@gmail.com

If you would like to purchase tickets, please click the links below:

Conference Website: http://columbiacoachinglearningnetwork.ning.com/2014-conference
Conference Schedule: http://columbiacoachinglearningnetwork.ning.com/program
Housing: http://columbiacoachinglearningnetwork.ning.com/housing-and-travel
Contacts for Additional information: http://columbiacoachinglearningnetwork.ning.com/contact-us

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Christopher W. Bierrum and Keller Williams Illustrate September’s National Real Estate Numbers

Chris BierrumChristopher Bierrum, Real Estate Broker at Keller Williams, was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding. Mr. Bierrum was prompted to embark on a professional journey in the real estate industry by his father, a luminary in the real estate sector, and a man who helped him to find his pace and hone his skill set over the years. Mr. Bierrum’s dad made a name for himself as a consummate architect; his mother earned a reputation of distinction as a skilled real estate entrepreneur who taught him the niceties and fine points of real estate investments, and he was therefore able to develop a sophisticated skill set under the tutelage of both his parents.

Specializing in residential sales, Mr. Bierrum has spent the past seven years in his current role. He remains committed to interacting with buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties, and he is also dedicated to making his clients his first priority. He makes every effort to ensure that his clients’ deals successfully close, and facilitates these processes smoothly and seamlessly. Because he has been working in the industry for a number of years, Mr. Bierrum makes sure that all complications are resolved efficiently, that processes are completed in a timely fashion, and that his clients are always satisfied.

Mr. Bierrum and Keller Williams Realty are committed to providing detailed information about the real estate climate for those interested in seeking out services, as they understand the many decisions, negotiations and procedures that go into making an investment in a home or property. Mr. Bierrum is extremely knowledgeable about the area, and he holds dear each and every client that he takes on.

For more information about Keller Williams, which provides real estate services, visit http://findseattlere.com

Watch “This Month In Real Estate, September 2014” by Keller Williams

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Donna York, President of HARK Inc., Announces Screenings of Hope on the Horizon: An Expedition for ALS

HARK logoAt the helm of HARK Inc. Donna York has long been pushing to raise awareness of the disease that has stricken families and friends across the nation, and taken the lives of many beloved individuals. ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a condition that is often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. Since its establishment, the organization has made tremendous strides through the production of “Hope on the Horizon: An Expedition for ALS,” a documentary that premiered on November 9, 2013 in the private screening room of NBC Universal.

From the website:

The 48 highest peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, also known as the “4000 footers”, cover over 250 miles of various terrain and over 70,000 feet of elevation. Four hikers, including the filmmaker, set out to summit all 48 in a single trip on foot, two completed the journey and reached the 48th summit in 24 days to raise awareness and funding for ALS patients and their families.

HARK’s Hope on the Horizon Documentary is the first step in “Changing the way the world views ALS” and ensuring that the world knows what the disease is and how devastating it is to families that are affected by it. As we navigated our way through ALS we realized the severe lack of awareness that existed about this disease outside of the ALS community.

Hope on the Horizon is not just about ALS, it’s about facing life’s challenges with courage and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds every day. The documentary will bring viewers a firsthand view of two sets of challenges simultaneously. The challenges of negotiating the fragile beauty and rugged terrain of the White Mountains serves as a compelling backdrop to show true challenges and hardships faced by ALS victims and their loved ones in dealing with this devastating disease.

Through this film HARK will change the way the world views ALS, increase awareness of this fatal disease and raise funding to provide financial assistance to ALS patients and their families as they face a challenge far greater than the White Mountains.

Screenings will be held soon! Don’t forget to get your tickets, bring your family and friends, and join Ms. York and her team of dedicated professionals. Below, please find the list of upcoming screenings:

September 20, 2014

McCann School of Business
2200 N. Irving St.

Allentown, PA

September 24, 2014

Rutgers University Medical School
Newark, NJ 07940

October 3, 2014

New Jersey Film Festival
Voorhees Hall Room #105
New Brunswick, NJ
Tickets »

October 5, 2014

The Film Society of Summit
426 Springfield Ave.
Summit, NJ

October 6, 2014

Monmouth University
400 Cedar Ave.
West Long Branch, NJ

Please click here to learn more about Donna York and her
initiatives with HARK Inc.

Hope on the Horizon: A Expedition for ALS Documentary Trailer

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Jennifer A. Moumane, MA Looks to Publish Book and Bring Fresh Water to Tiflet, Morocco in 2015

Within the upcoming year, Jennifer A. Moumane, Director of Annual Giving and Database Management for the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, intends to print and circulate her dissertation, which focuses on famous works of art that were found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, a city that stood between the 11th and 15th century, and flourished exceedingly before its enigmatic decline. Ms. Moumane, a Worldwide Branding member and Nonprofit Fundraising Professional of the Year, is also an award-winning community leader and an expert in technology, nonprofit management and resourcing, who plans to conduct research on the eight mystifying soapstone birds that were located in the ruins, which scholars have said functioned as emblems of royal authority, or perhaps represented the ancestors of Great Zimbabwe’s leaders. These important artifacts exist as prized symbols of a nation; monuments that link the present with the past.

In addition to her upcoming book, Ms. Moumane and her husband Driss will be digging a well that will bring fresh water to the local community of Tiflet, Morocco in the upcoming year. Just outside of the capital city of Rabat, Tiflet is rich with ancient history, and has a population of just over 70,000 people. Because fresh drinking water is a scarce necessity, Ms. Moumane looks forward to lending a helping hand to those who do not readily have access to clean water by digging the fresh water well and establishing lasting relationships with those who will use and maintain it, as she hopes that the well will make a positive difference in their lives.

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Don’t Make Any Real Life Decisions Until July 1st, When Mercury is Out of Retrograde, Says Celebrity Astrologist Susan Miller

Susan MillerToday is the start of a new month, so it is time to start fresh. According to “astrologist to the stars” Susan Miller, one of the most well known and highly regarded contemporary astrologists known to man, this month will play a pertinent role in the lives of each respective profile. Ms. Miller, a Worldwide Branding member since 2011, has noted that it was of dire importance not to take monumental steps toward the attainment of certain goals until the planets are in alignment on the first of every month, so now is the time to move forward.

Ms. Miller has made an impact on several well known public figures, including Katy Perry, Gloria Vanderbilt, Cynthia Rowley, and Bevy Smith.

Katy Perry Tweet via JezebelMs. Miller posted an announcement on her website about her ailment and undergoing stages of recovery, and keeps her fans updated not only on her holistic treatment methodologies, but on their astrological forecasts.

Please wish Susan Miller a full and speedy recovery, and visit her website at http://www.astrologyzone.com.

Susan Miller AstrologyZone Logo

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