Worldwide Branding Member Anthony Beasley Takes a Stand Against Corporate Bullying Today

Anthony BeasleyAnthony Beasley, a recent Worldwide Branding inductee, recently announced his participation in a campaign against bullying in the workplace.

Mr. Beasley will be a key presenter at this year’s Safety Institute of Australia ‘Visions’ Safety Conference on the Gold Coast which is taking place today, November 17, 2014. As part of the presentation’s pre-qualification processes, Mr. Beasley had to prepare a White Paper regarding the need for Accredited Training in the topic of “Managing and Preventing the Risk of Workplace Bullying.” This is because in Australia, there is currently no accredited competency-based program.

Mr. Beasley’s White Paper was accepted, and his team has supported him in the development of an excellent Prezi based presentation.

And in exploring beyond the White Paper, the topic generated such interest with Mr. Beasley’s team and clients, that he and his colleagues recently submitted a detailed application to the Australian Skills Regulator (ASQA) with two draft units to be accepted and released as nationally accredited. These are the first of their kind in Australia.

ASTRA Group Services LogoMr. Beasley and his team has also prepared a media release to align with this exciting development in a topic that costs our economy between $6B to $36Billion per year, and has tragically taken lives for those on the receiving end of bullying.

Regardless of the country or industry – Mr. Beasley feels that the topic of bullying in the workplace is a subject that is of interest and value to all.

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Janet Johnson, VP of Donor Development for World Vision Canada, Drives Donor Initiatives around the World

Janet JohnsonJanet Johnson currently oversees all channels of fundraising and meets regularly with key donors. Ms. Johnson, who has been working in this capacity for five years, has honed her expertise in leadership, human resources, sales, and marketing. “When the giving experience of our supporters and donors are delightful we see increased retention (donors renew their gift year after year),” she said in a recent statement. “We see increases in acquisition through referrals and positive word of mouth. Delighted sponsors and donors increase their giving commitment and we enjoy revenue growth, increased engagement and commitment from the giving community of time, talent and treasure ultimately results in increased yield to ministry for World Vision.”


Your help is needed today to fight the rapid spread of Ebola in West Africa.

Ebola is a highly contagious, deadly virus to which there is currently no vaccine or cure. It is very important to stop the spread, before the virus rages out of control.

Health services are overwhelmed by the outbreak, with many health workers having been infected and a large number having died. Mothers and children are unable to access much-needed health services for treatment of malaria, diarrhea, or even childbirth. Markets have closed making it difficult to access food. A large humanitarian crisis is looming.

World Vision is working urgently to protect children and their families, by educating communities about how to stop the spread of the virus, as well as providing protective equipment. But with your help we can do more. 

World Vision CanadaThrough World Vision Canada, Ms. Johnson initiates charitable causes that serve to stop the spread of disease at its core. Her work with the organization has changed many lives, and she continues to work towards serving as an agent of positive change in the lives of children and adults around the globe.

Click here to sponsor an underprivileged child for the Christmas holiday; your donation will triple in value!

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Worldwide Branding Member Ole Johansen Ensures Global Expansion at SSP Technology A/S

Ole JohansenWorldwide Branding member Ole Johansen is the Vice President of Manufacturing for SSP Technology A/S, a top provider of wind turbine blade concepts and components. Between October 22nd and 24th, the company will be holding an exhibit in Beijing, China, for its cutting edge products. Mr. Johansen is responsible for providing leadership on all levels of the company, with a main task to optimize and rebuild productions worldwide, and implement lean tools and manufacturing systems. The event will represent the hard work that Mr. Johansen has put forth to ensure that the company is being epitomized as a top global brand.

From the website:

SSP Technology will exhibit at China Wind Power (CWP) 22.-24. Oct. 2014. CWP is the leading Chinese wind exhibition, annually held in Beijing. SSP Technology will have its own booth within the Danish Pavilion.

China Windpower 2014

For a brochure about SSP Technology in Chinese, click here.

For further information, please contact:
Christian Clausen, Regional Sales Director, Asia
Phone: +45 22267353

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Andrea Vogel Named a VIP of Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Communications and Information Technology

Andrea VogelWith a quarter-century of ICT industry experience, Andrea Vogel, Senior Vice President of Application Development at DB Systel GmbH, has always demonstrated top leadership skills. She sees people as unique individuals, understanding their point of view and motivating them to excel. Her duties in her current role are vast. Very experienced in reorganizing, repositioning and building up very large international IT (delivery) organizations, Ms. Vogel is leading an organization of approximately 2,000 employees which provides application services to German railways (Deutsche Bahn AG).

Her key objective is to reposition her organization to be able to optimally support her clients, German railways, in meeting and successfully mastering its future challenges.

In this context, Ms. Vogel puts a high emphasis on transformation and change management as well as operational excellence whilst creating a common identity and team spirit (“Code of Conduct”).

In the coming years, she would like to continue working in her current position to further implement her change strategy and plans to consistently deliver respective business benefits while working on larger structures. Additionally, she would like to continue to work on her own personal development.

Successful because of her open and honest approach, Ms. Vogel cites her straightforward management style and doing her job with absolute passion. Additionally, she credits her personality, value system, empathy for others, and ability to understand complex situations very quickly and to identify and implement sustainable solutions. She became involved in her current position after spending many years working for large global IT service providers such as EDS. Her experience includes working as an international business unit leader, and DB Systel GmbH selected her as the senior vice president due to her industry expertise and qualifications.

Andrea Vogel aids in the continued growth of DB Systel GmbHWhat also helped her progress was her education. Ms. Vogel earned a degree in French and English A-level teaching, a master in English and computer linguistics, and a diploma in adult education.

DB Systel GmbH, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bahn, is the solution-oriented business partner for the complete ICT range and one of Germany’s leading ICT solution providers.

DB Systel covers the whole life cycle of IT and telecommunications solutions – from professional analysis and strategic planning and development to operation and optimization.

DB Systel supervises about 600 productive IT applications. These include numerous applications developed in-house in addition to current standard software.

For more information about DB Systel, please visit the company’s website.

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Worldwide Branding Member and World-Renowned Restaurant Director Jesse Gerner Announces ‘Suckling Pig Sundays’ at Bomba

Jesse GernerJesse Gerner has earned a reputation of distinction and prominence for his strong background in the culinary arts industry, and for his commitment to going above and beyond to appease to the tastebuds of food aficionados everywhere. Mr. Gerner heads two restaurants, Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop and Añada, and an announcement was recently made that ‘Suckling Pig Sundays’ will be held weekly at the former mentioned eatery.

Jesse Gerner regularly serves Complimentary Corn Kernel Snacks, Blackmore’s Wagyu Cecina, Tomato, Burrata & Aged Sherry Vinegar Toast - with Hand Filleted Nassari Anchovy, and Serrano Gran Reserva Jamon at Bomba. Photo Credit:

Jesse Gerner regularly serves Complimentary Corn Kernel Snacks, Blackmore’s Wagyu Cecina, Tomato, Burrata & Aged Sherry Vinegar Toast – with Hand Filleted Nassari Anchovy, and Serrano Gran Reserva Jamon at Bomba. Photo Credit:

From the website:

Join chefs Jesse Gerner and Andrew Fisk as they pay homage to Castilla and the mighty suckling pig. Inspired by his recent trip to Spain, Jesse Gerner is proud to be hosting a roast with a difference.  While Castilla in central Spain is home to the roast suckling pig, Melbourne will be treated to a series of trips to the Iberian capital.  The lunch will start off with charcuterie and porky tapas, rolling into whole joints of suckling pig roasted and presented to your table in traditional sharing style, accompanied with sides from Spade and Barrow. Places limited to 60 guests per Sunday so be quick to secure your spot at this year’s most unique roast offering. Price is inclusive of food, desserts and beverage will be additional. $65/head.  

For bookings please call +61 3 9077 0451.

Jesse Gerner Card - BombaMr. Gerner will soon be running a third eatery. He recently purchased St. Ali North, a cafe in Brunswick East; he told Time Out Melbourne that he has intentions of making it “Brooklyn-style in attitude, with a bit of a nod to Spain because it’s me – we’ve got a cool cabinet so we might do some pinxtos and charcuterie – but it will essentially be a Melbourne dining hall.”

To learn more about Bomba, please visit the bar and restaurant’s Facebook page. For more information about Jesse Gerner, add him on Twitter.

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Cruise Holidays of Clarkson Owner Joe Rochemont Organizes Voyage to Ljubljana Slovenia, Zagreb Croatia, and Budapest Hungary with Maestro Kerry Stratton

Joe RochemontWorldwide Branding Entrepreneur of the Year in Operations Management Joe Roechmont recently announced via his company’s website that Cruise Holidays of Clarkson will be hosting a delightfully enchanting expedition between May 14th and 29th of 2015. Interested parties are encouraged to book their tickets for the event by October 1st, 2014.

The trip will encompass a 15-day visit to a number of locations, starting off in Ljubljana, Slovenia, concluding in Vienna, Austria. Maestro Kerry Stratton will be on hand to provide music and entertainment which will evoke and welcome the warmth and spirit that is naturally expected to be permeating such an atmosphere of enchantment and rich cultural history.

Become acquainted with the tradition, customs and present of Budapest, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. Enjoy delicious food, local wines and folk entertainment, board a gondola in the centre of Lake Bled and ring the church bells, and absorb the gorgeous sights of Ljubljana and its surrounding mountains atop Ljubljana Castle, to return to a wonderful recital, and wine and cheese, all in your first three days of the expedition.

Joe Rochemont's company, Cruise Holidays of Clarkson, is promoting a tour that will encompass a 15-day visit to a number of locations, starting off in Ljubljana, Slovenia, concluding in Vienna, Austria

Joe Rochemont’s company, Cruise Holidays of Clarkson, is promoting a tour that will encompass a 15-day visit to a number of locations, starting off in Ljubljana, Slovenia, concluding in Vienna, Austria

Bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Attend Cruise Holidays of Clarkson’s Open House and Save! Book on October 1st, 2014 and Save $500 per couple.

Come to 1739 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga ON l5J 1J4 to reserve your tickets on 10/1. Please call 1-905-855-1700 or 1-866-919-2111 for additional details.

If you are interested in learning more about the tour, or would like to book your tickets in advance, please click here.

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Jennifer A. Moumane, MA Looks to Publish Book and Bring Fresh Water to Tiflet, Morocco in 2015

Within the upcoming year, Jennifer A. Moumane, Director of Annual Giving and Database Management for the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, intends to print and circulate her dissertation, which focuses on famous works of art that were found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, a city that stood between the 11th and 15th century, and flourished exceedingly before its enigmatic decline. Ms. Moumane, a Worldwide Branding member and Nonprofit Fundraising Professional of the Year, is also an award-winning community leader and an expert in technology, nonprofit management and resourcing, who plans to conduct research on the eight mystifying soapstone birds that were located in the ruins, which scholars have said functioned as emblems of royal authority, or perhaps represented the ancestors of Great Zimbabwe’s leaders. These important artifacts exist as prized symbols of a nation; monuments that link the present with the past.

In addition to her upcoming book, Ms. Moumane and her husband Driss will be digging a well that will bring fresh water to the local community of Tiflet, Morocco in the upcoming year. Just outside of the capital city of Rabat, Tiflet is rich with ancient history, and has a population of just over 70,000 people. Because fresh drinking water is a scarce necessity, Ms. Moumane looks forward to lending a helping hand to those who do not readily have access to clean water by digging the fresh water well and establishing lasting relationships with those who will use and maintain it, as she hopes that the well will make a positive difference in their lives.

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Ronny Boesing Launches New Crypto Coins Exchange Platform

Ronny BoesingWorldwide Who’s Who VIP Member Ronny Boesing recently established a company that offers top quality services and solutions through which sellers and buyers can meet and perform peer-to-peer transactions of crypto coins with the company serving as their intermediary.

Mr. Boesing is paving the way for new and innovative financial exchange services order-to-order for coin currencies, gamer money and crypto coins to real money(fiat) and vice versa, to name a few examples. “We do not sell or buy ourselves, but merely provide a service for which we take a small commission,” boasts the about us page.

Mr. Boesing. “I stay away from any projects I don’t have a gut instinct about.” In addition to Bitcoin, Mr. Boesing has chosen to incorporate NXT into his online platform. NXT, a second-generation cryptocurrency, is similar to Bitcoin in that it enables users to trade between each other using cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, however, which can currently only be used for money transfers, NXT offers an online store full of goods, including books, movies, and other media, that can be traded in exchange for cryptocurrency. In the future, Mr. Boesing hopes to still be in this business, as he is starting to harvest the fruits of hard work and dedication. He is always looking into ways of adding new values and innovative ideas.

Ronny Boesing Logo“These are exciting times, and it’s great to be working with such a strong and vibrant community,” says Mr. Boesing. “The NXT community is extremely active and has many talented people working in it. When you’re launching an initiative like CCEDK, it’s important to know that you have partners who will back you and grow with you as you move forwards. We’re all looking forward to a very bright future.”

Mr. Boesing’s business network is starting to show its depth and importance, because of the great business he performed in the 1990s. He believes that a good friend is always a good friend, no matter how little you see him or her throughout life. A breakthrough on the Russian market has given him four good years of strong sales, which are based on patience, flexibility, belief in his own ideas, gut feelings, people skills, and a good portion of common sense.

If you would like to learn more about CCEDK, please visit

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Michael Waring Shares Updates on Australia’s Postal System and the Country’s Number One Brand

Michael WaringWorldwide Branding member Michael Waring, a Postal Officer and Communications Specialist serving the Delivery Division of the Australia Post, is in charge of overseeing the creation of the Code of Ethics in a corporate organization to strengthen cultural pillars of success in the workplace. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field, he recently received a 25th anniversary plaque from the Australia Post, as well.

Mr. Waring recently announced the latest updates made at the Australia Post on his website:

Over the last 10 years the acceleration of decline of small letter has continued but AP has prepared well in putting brakes on these changes.

The first launched earlier this year was Posts rebranding of its freight fleet.

The blue trucks with Startrack emblem are keeping up to increasing demand of Internet Shopping and voyage of parcel across many networks.

The fact is parcels are outweighing letters for first time in history but the humble postman has been part of these changes delivering more packets and scanning articles for reciept at point of delivery.

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour, a former New York Banker, says he is preparing new products and solutions to allieviate further changes in delivery of mail and e-commerce solutions for customers.

StarTrack will not just be a local solution but will handle our International customers’ needs in Australia giving Post that added edge.

Apple and Australian Pharmaceuticals are just two important customers.

Sydney and Melbourne will complete newly fitted extensions with new cutting edge parcel sorting delivery technology and new bar coding with speed accuracy set to move parcels quicker and smarter than ever.

This also means the human resources of Australia Post need to be at their best so Code of Ethics needs to be implemented well and Safety remain on top of agenda so effect on organisation is limited and brand remains best in country.

Please visit Michael Waring’s LinkedIn page to learn more.

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Worldwide Branding Member Larry Wu to Serve as a Supervisor on New Disney Flick “Big Hero 6”

Disney's 'Big Hero 6'Larry Wu has garnered acclaim for his work as an Environment Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and he is currently working on a project titled “Big Hero 6,” which encompasses a team of comic book superheroes appearing in Marvel Comics. Mr. Wu, an expert in film production through the use of visual effects, art and design, champions the initiatives of the filmmaker-driven  animation studio responsible for creating some of the most beloved films ever made, by demonstrating what a curious, inquisitive and innovation-sparking mind can do when it is put to work.

Mr. Wu strives to raise the bar of innovation, and he labors to do so by unleashing insight, possibility, magnificence and splendor into the world. He follows in the footsteps of the great Walt Disney, working to bring out the luminosity and radiance in each and every film. Mr. Wu has worked in the animation department as a look development artist and matte painter on Wreck-It Ralph, and as a look development artist on Tangled and Bolt. He worked on visual effects for Meet the Robinsons, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow as a lead texture artist, and as a digital artist for Apple Jack (a short film), and he also served as a member of the art department for the Academy-Award®-winning family favorite, Frozen.

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