Karen L. Kennedy Prepares Medical Students for Success with Creation of SimAccessories

Karen KennedyAt the helm of Eriter Creations Inc., Karen L. Kennedy, Co-Owner and President of the company, works hard to invent and patent accessories for use in healthcare education. Her company offers “realistic and effective simulation [appendages] that mimic symptoms of health conditions to enhance and facilitate student and practitioner learning while eliminating the potential for harm to patients.” It was recently noted by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services that the use of human simulators has proven inventive, unproblematic, and painless for potential patients, professors, practitioners, and students, who are seeking to learn how to make medical procedures more safe and effective.

While Ms. Kennedy’s company specializes in the design and development of appendages and accessories, she has already garnered critical acclaim for breaking the mold as an inventor. The company was a first-place winner in the technical category for the best business plan for a sustainable business at the 2014 Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge.

Eriter Creations Inc. offers SimLeggings+ which simulate pitting edema, SimSleeves TM which simulate lymphedema, and a SimObesityShirt TM , which simulates adult obesity. These products have been used by nursing professors, and simulations have been put into effect with the use of these SimAccessories with medical professionals giving enthusiastic reviews about the products’ benefits.

If you would like to learn more about products being offered through Eriter Creations Inc., please visit http://www.simleggings.com.Karen Kennedy SimLeggings Logo

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Educator Raymond Volkas Tells New Scientist Magazine of Breakthroughs with Renowned Higgs Boson Particle in Superconductors

Raymond VolkasProfessor Raymond Volkas, Head of School of the University of Melbourne, made recent observations about the Higgs boson, or what has become known by many as the “God particle.” The atom, which has been speculated to be the very unit that is solely responsible for all the mass in the universe, was revealed to have a ‘cousin’ last month, and Professor Volkas made headway on the correlations and likenesses between the former and the latter.

From newscientist.com:

A weird theoretical cousin of the Higgs boson, one that inspired the decades-long hunt for the elusive particle, has been properly observed for the first time. The discovery bookends one of the most exciting eras in modern physics.

The Higgs field, which gives rise to its namesake boson, is credited with giving other particles mass by slowing their movement through the vacuum of space. First proposed in the 1960s, the particle finally appeared at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland, in 2012, and some of the theorists behind it received the 2013 Nobel prize in physics.

But the idea was actually borrowed from the behaviour of photons in superconductors, metals that, when cooled to very low temperatures, allow electrons to move without resistance.

Near zero degrees kelvin, vibrations are set up in the superconducting material that slow down pairs of photons travelling through, making light act as though it has a mass.

This effect is closely linked to the idea of the Higgs – “the mother of it actually,” says Raymond Volkas at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Those vibrations are the mathematical equivalent of Higgs particles, says Ryo Shimano at the University of Tokyo, who led the team that made the new discovery. The superconductor version explains the virtual mass of light in a superconductor, while the particle physics Higgs field explains the mass of W and Z bosons in the vacuum.

Watch Professor Volkas discussing the fine points of the Higgs boson with ABC News in September 2013. Follow him on Twitter @RVolkas or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Clive Conway Will Present a Live Celebrity Interview Series in London

Lifetime Worldwide Branding member Clive Conway is an impresario and managing director of Clive Conway Celebrity Productions, a London-based talent production company. In representing the company’s stable of celebrity clientele, each year Clive Conway Celebrity Productions produces hundreds of events at unique venues including restaurants and theaters. Since 2002 he has served as curator of the hugely popular An Audience With … series, unique engagements with celebrities for the public at more than 200 theaters from Aberdeen to Taunton. Notables appearing at these events represent politics, journalism, show business and sports, et al.

As an extension of this successful program, Clive Conway Celebrity Productions has created the In Conversation With … series — a succession of celebrity encounters taking place at Cadogan Hall London. The first program presents John Humphrys, a prominent correspondent on the BBC program “Today”; for the second, Clive and company welcomes Felicity Kendal, a TV, film and stage actor best known for her role as Barbara Good in The Good Life; and for the third, Kelvin MacKenzie appears — a media figure best known for his controversial stint as editor of national tabloid newspaper The Sun. Each time, the celebrity will be interviewed by seasoned journalist Rob McGibbon, followed by an extensive Q&A session with the audience.

By positioning them on center stage in an improvisational, talk show-like setting, Clive anticipates great things will happen. His formula of placing people of interest under the spotlight at Cadogan Hall will also serve to attract new audiences to the theater, thus utilizing the 900-seat venue on nights when it would otherwise be dark. “Cadogan Hall is a perfect venue,” Clive remarks, “and Rob McGibbon has an original and irreverent style to his interviewing that always brings the best out of his subjects.”

Worldwide Who’s Who Member Clive Conway

Clive — who has been a Worldwide Branding member since January 18, 2012 — was born in London in 1953, brought up in Aldeburgh, and educated at The King’s School Ely. He studied flute and, in 1976, graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. He toured for several years as a recitalist, gave performances in the Purcell Room and Wigmore Hall, as well as on radio and television, and made many recordings with principals of major London orchestras. He conceived the idea for, and co-founded with Janet Way, the Oxford Flute Summer School in 1987, for which he currently serves as a consultant. He attributes his success to his drive, tenacity, powers of persuasion and sensitivity.

John Humphrys

Rob McGibbon – In Conversation With … John Humphrys
Thursday, May 31, 2012
7:30 pm BST

“Today’s” John Humphrys is best known as the fearless BBC reporter who nails politicians with his tenacious questioning. During this session, the tables will be turned as he is interrogated by journalist Rob McGibbon and scrutinized in a Q&A session with the audience at Cadogan Hall.

Felicity Kendal

Rob McGibbon – In Conversation With … Felicity Kendal
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 7:30pm BST
Cadogan Hall

Rob McGibbon returns to interview Felicity Kendal, a beloved British actress best known for her role on the top sitcom The Good Life, which aired from 1975-1978 on BBC. During this not-to-be-missed appearance, Felicity will speak about the peaks and valleys she experienced in her own life on the stage and screen, and answer questions put forth by fans in the live audience.

Kelvin MacKenzie

Rob McGibbon – In Conversation With … Kelvin Mackenzie
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 7:30pm BST
Cadogan Hall

Kelvin Mackenzie is considered one of the most widely recognized editors from the UK arising from his stormy and controversial editorship at daily tabloid newspaper The Sun. During the ‘80s — and at the height of Rupert Murdoch’s reign — Rob McGibbon worked as a reporter for Kelvin. Here is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch them in the same room as he puts Kelvin in the hot seat, followed by an audience Q&A session.

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