Worldwide Branding Member Anthony Beasley Takes a Stand Against Corporate Bullying Today

Anthony BeasleyAnthony Beasley, a recent Worldwide Branding inductee, recently announced his participation in a campaign against bullying in the workplace.

Mr. Beasley will be a key presenter at this year’s Safety Institute of Australia ‘Visions’ Safety Conference on the Gold Coast which is taking place today, November 17, 2014. As part of the presentation’s pre-qualification processes, Mr. Beasley had to prepare a White Paper regarding the need for Accredited Training in the topic of “Managing and Preventing the Risk of Workplace Bullying.” This is because in Australia, there is currently no accredited competency-based program.

Mr. Beasley’s White Paper was accepted, and his team has supported him in the development of an excellent Prezi based presentation.

And in exploring beyond the White Paper, the topic generated such interest with Mr. Beasley’s team and clients, that he and his colleagues recently submitted a detailed application to the Australian Skills Regulator (ASQA) with two draft units to be accepted and released as nationally accredited. These are the first of their kind in Australia.

ASTRA Group Services LogoMr. Beasley and his team has also prepared a media release to align with this exciting development in a topic that costs our economy between $6B to $36Billion per year, and has tragically taken lives for those on the receiving end of bullying.

Regardless of the country or industry – Mr. Beasley feels that the topic of bullying in the workplace is a subject that is of interest and value to all.

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Don’t Make Any Real Life Decisions Until July 1st, When Mercury is Out of Retrograde, Says Celebrity Astrologist Susan Miller

Susan MillerToday is the start of a new month, so it is time to start fresh. According to “astrologist to the stars” Susan Miller, one of the most well known and highly regarded contemporary astrologists known to man, this month will play a pertinent role in the lives of each respective profile. Ms. Miller, a Worldwide Branding member since 2011, has noted that it was of dire importance not to take monumental steps toward the attainment of certain goals until the planets are in alignment on the first of every month, so now is the time to move forward.

Ms. Miller has made an impact on several well known public figures, including Katy Perry, Gloria Vanderbilt, Cynthia Rowley, and Bevy Smith.

Katy Perry Tweet via JezebelMs. Miller posted an announcement on her website about her ailment and undergoing stages of recovery, and keeps her fans updated not only on her holistic treatment methodologies, but on their astrological forecasts.

Please wish Susan Miller a full and speedy recovery, and visit her website at

Susan Miller AstrologyZone Logo

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Ben Chao, CEO of Atleta Equity, Takes on New and Exciting Challenges and Introduces New Technologies to the World

Ben Chao – Chief Executive Officer, Atleta Equity

Ben Chao, Chief Executive Officer of Atleta Equity, a venture capital and private equity firm offering top quality financial services, is proud to announce that the company is instituting a joint venture with SBM Solar, a photovoltaic module manufacturer based in Concord, N.C. At present, the company is launching sales and global distribution of the Solar Panel 2.0, which Mr. Chao describes as “the next generation of solar technology.” Mr. Chao feels that the technologically-advanced solar panel will establish solar power as a viable energy alternative, as the product eliminates two of the five costs related to solar energy.

At the helm of the boutique capital firm, which invests in the most innovative entrepreneurs and businesses in the U.S., Mr. Chao is pleased to assert that the company has “been in serious acquisition, investment and expansion mode all year.” Atleta has been in the process of negotiating worldwide sales and distribution rights for one of its largest asset companies, P3 Golf. The firm is also playing a key role in the introduction of three of P3’s unconventional new golf products, which could revolutionize the look and feel of the traditional game of golf. One of the company’s new products is a “putter and driver that may very well change the way that any golfer, pro or amateur plays the game,” Mr. Chao says.

Mr. Chao recently finalized an agreement with Big Country Holdings, an intellectual property and invention company. He is pleased to be able to work with the company’s pioneering and forward thinking owners and founders, as they have  several patents on new technologies with world changing potential.

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Tonia Cope Bowley Published a Stephen Lungu Biography to Inspire Disadvantaged Youth

Worldwide Branding member Tonia Cope Bowley was born in South Africa, where her exposure to the local Zulu population made her aware of the hardships that impoverished people endure. She received a Bachelor of Science degree and then taught mathematics for six years before adventuring for a year in Norway’s Arctic Circle. In 1981, while employed by OxfordUniversity, she wrote a top-selling book, “Computing using BASIC: an interactive approach,” which was published by Ellis Horwood.

In 1988 she and her husband founded The Thembisa Trust, a UK-based charity that provides some disadvantaged people in South Africa a chance to live a better life. Towards the end of a 28-year long career in education at Oxford University, Tonia was afflicted with chronic Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and sadly had to retire early. However, this opened up a fresh-start opportunity. At last she had the time to fulfill her life-long dream to develop her talent in creative writing.

In 2006 her book: “RSI – How to avoid it – and what to do if you’ve got it” was published and is currently available on Amazon. In 2007, she won first prize in a short story competition for her fiction story “Quiet Kumalo.” This is currently being illustrated for publication as a children’s book. In June 2012, Tonia published a biography via IndePenPress Publishing Ltd., an independent, self-publishing book company – “From a Street Kid – Stephen Lungu’s incredible Life-journey.” The book details Stephen Lungu’s traumatic childhood and the transition from a homicidal gang leader and street thug to becoming the CEO and International Team Leader of AE – African Enterprise.

An Illustration: From a Street Kid

The journey to redemption was long and strife with misfortune: his mother gave birth to him when she was 14 years old, and from the time he was 11 until he turned 20, he lived under a bridge, in a hollow he carved out in the sand. The book is well illustrated and serves as a means to uplift even those who feel they are up against the worst odds. While it is geared to inspire and educate teenagers who have been neglected, desolate and cast away, and any who are trying to find their way through the growing up maze, people of all ages find it readable and moving.

From a Street Kid Cover Art

“’From a Street Kid’ is such a powerful and positive life-story that is already encouraging and inspiring both young and old,” Tonia expounds. “I really want it to be read widely and of benefit to as many people as possible.”

In August, African Enterprise celebrates their Golden Jubilee in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, their birthplace and headquarters. Tonia, who has known the organization for the past 50 years, expects to attend and celebrate with AE.

For more information about this talented author, please visit Tonia Cope Bowley’s website:

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